B2B technologies

Understanding the underlying concepts that are the foundation of the B2B commerce effort is not for the faint of heart; one may not be satisfied with the status quo or quick to dismiss change in order to grasp the potential of this technology.

Electronic data exchange has posed the most significant challenge to the business model since the advent of computing itself. Although the computer has increased business speed, it has not fundamentally altered the business foundation as the Internet has. If any entity in the distribution chain begins doing business electronically, companies up and down the chain must follow suit or risk being substituted or excluded from the chain's transactions. The majority of business executives are too busy dealing with, and reacting to, current operational problems to think of the future. Time is tight; resources are tighter. The executives who see the future and the coming technological changes, but choose to ignore their importance, are also at risk. In order for executives to operate successfully in the new age of e-business, business itself must be viewed and executed differently.

Unfortunately, too many companies develop a pattern of reasoning, learning and attempting to innovate only in their own comfort zones. It is as if we view the coming change and ask, “What will my new office space look like?” when instead we should ask, “Will the building be standing once the quake passes?” Never mind what did or did not work in the past. The playing field has changed and is no longer level.