emerging technology

business integration

Technology is everywhere-desktop computers, laptops, tablet PC, cell phone, smart phone, PDA, GPS, Bluetooth, information technology, the Internet, Satellite, security, privacy, software, spyware, hardware, shareware, and whatever is next!

The rapid advancement of technology has a quick and powerful impact on business in every industry. In many cases, the emergence of information technology has come so suddenly that in the course of everyday business it has proven difficult to grasp all the available options. For today's businesses, well-informed technology decisions can be both difficult and challenging.

BOWE Company provides businesses with a clear path to utilize information technology in their business as part of a long-term strategy.

“Gartner, Inc., a technology research firm, says that worldwide, IT spending will top $2.6 trillion in 2006. This figure includes spending on hardware, software, IT services, and telecommunications. Yet Gartner analysts also note that at the vast majority of companies making investments in technology, managers complain that information overload can slow decision-making and actually impede a business's efforts. The solution, say analysts, is to use technology to untie the knot sometimes created by information, not tangle it further.”

While most business owners realize that technology is crucial to the running and the success of their businesses, many will admit that the state of their IT systems is less than optimal.

BOWE Company offers guidance, which outlines steps companies can take to analyze where they are today and to plan for and create an IT environment that is well managed, secure, and efficient.