website hosting/
server colocation

BOWE Company maintains servers at a state-of-the-art facility in Seattle, Washington where we host all of our client's websites. BOWE Company also offers competative hosting plans for existing websites as well as co-location of servers.

Building site. Our data center is located within Fisher Plaza in Seattle, Washington, the premier telecom hub in the Northwest region. This rock-solid facility was built on native glacial till soil in a no-fault seismic area, and is home to some of the largest communications leaders including AT&T, AboveNet, ABC, BBC, Time Warner Telecom, MCI and many others.

Connectivity. Fisher Plaza is a state-of-the-art carrier neutral environment, giving you the benefit of nine individual telecom and fiber providers in a single location. Access virtually unlimited bandwidth capabilities while enjoying proprietary, redundant and cross-configured multi-homed router network.

Power. Our data center utilizes dual access to Seattle City Light utility power grid substations, attached to Fisher Plaza at three physically diverse entrances. Generator backup power to at least N+1 provides additional security in keeping all systems up and running at all times.

Fuel Supply. Several weeks' worth of generator fuel supply stored securely on-site, with emergency refueling contracts and backup plans in place as needed.

Stability and survivability. Fisher Plaza infrastructure exceeds California seismic zone 4 standards, making it one of the most stable office structures in the Northwest.

Security. On-site physical security 24x7 with digital video cameras. Perimeter and interior electronic access control system in place. All visitors to our data center must be escorted by an authorized employee.

Your website is hosted in one of the most sophisticated facilities in the country, by design.